001: Introduction and My Story

Today, we launch the Lift Up Podcast. Each episode will have three segments:

  1. Update: Progress reports on different Edify Hub projects.
  2. Encouragement: An uplifting story or interview from someone in ministry who has overcome a challenge or setback by God’s grace.
  3. Tech Tip: A quick technical tip to help you become more efficient, effective, and productive in your ministry.

Here’s a quick summary of today’s topics:

  1. Update: The Lift Up Podcast is launched. (You already knew that.)
  2. Encouragement: I tell my story of how I was led to start Edify Hub, and some of the challenges that have come.
  3. Tech Tip: Do you copy and paste a lot? I’ll help you learn to do it faster.

In the coming months, we’ll eventually let you subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or Stitcher, but we’re not quite there yet.

You can listen to today’s recording right here, or go to liftuppodcast.com/1 for more complete show notes and links to some of the resources mentioned in this very first episode.